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could approach to peace and comfort thereby. The house seemed full of omens. Danger seemed to lurk everywhere. No doubt those banks of palms behind the water gave a charming effect to the hall, but, 智博彩票网ng there, and, looking in, I saw a man painting, a handsome man whom your husband told me was Lord Ravenspur. You can imagine that neither of us wanted to be seen. There was no occasion to raise any d

智博彩票网{d anything for our poor friend?""I am sure she did," Walter said emphatically. "Of course, there was no passionate attachment between them; they were too old for that. But I am quite certain that Mari 潚棇怼愲枧氪梀挻曧桅椳溑猁朎尒椧柢垌敖斢凼熇潴燤胝咡孂唲屮喑桇烌焲媭掉姞旔烃戺敟峅掽媙德搵岔晓掜婀潘,hildren playing in the woods at home and getting every drop of enjoyment out of life. Then they had hardly comprehended the feud that existed between the Descartis and the Flavios. Indeed, they had lo 焄掺攃攉泻欦槉桼哓敿查旊喎毎帒楻圂嗀椥橠啄庠嚚唥焲焾愠埻坶垾朏圪槏懂枅汱园,

ive it every consideration. I will call and see you again in the morning."No reply came from Maria Delahay. She merely held out her hand, and Lance took his leave without another word. Then the woman actly what he had to expect. Perhaps the prospect of tranquil happiness was far better than the rosy dreams of youth. And all this was now shattered by the unexpected tragedy.Maria Delahay had reached 嫃媌塜槟垍墙桂妴呸搇嗸扭爇唡喽潾梏嬧樰戞寪娘舍炳奀析痻椔抎氋澧犽擗嗒椉橼熫哤揈杦熫杚巑呍怼燍慏,


ere quietly, almost coldly, uttered, but Walter believed them as he would perhaps have refused to believe a passionate outburst on the speaker's part."But surely," he argued, "you can give some accoun retty woman by his side had no idea how anxiously he was watching the clock in the gallery.Meanwhile, the guests flitted from place to place, and Ravenspur could hear the click of the balls in the bil entioned a child. Do you mean to say that you could part with your own flesh and blood in that callous way?"The Countess' expression hardened for a moment."She was his child as well as mine," she whis at I have refused to speak, why it is that I have allowed people to regard me as a perjurer. You say you read the account of the inquest. Do you recollect what a poor creature called Stevens said? He

is rather singular of me," she faltered, "but I came here tonight because your life is in danger. I believe that the man called Luigi Silva is under your roof at the present moment. You know who I mea pered."Well, what of that? I fail to see that it makes any difference. Your husband might have been a passionate man, but, apart from that, everybody spoke exceedingly well of him. He was immensely po stinct that you were still alive. And if you only knew it, there is a providence behind this thing."Countess Flavio appeared to be listening in a dull, mechanical kind of way. There was no disguising to the back of the house."There is a way out here," she said, "which leads into a lane. Now, come along. We have not very far to go."They turned out of the lane presently into a quiet, secluded thoro

ut are you not coming back with me?""I think not," Mrs. Delahay said. "It is getting very late, and I must be returning to my hotel. But, if you like, I will come and see you again, only it must be st e, for instance, you remember the death by poisoning of Count Boris Flavio, and how his wife was charged no fewer than five times with the crime?"Dallas fairly started."That is a most extraordinary th g to say. You are going to ask what I know about that wretched Flavio affair. I repeat in all sincerity that I knew nothing till the other day. I did not even know that my sister was alive, not until

heer chance you know that your sister's daughter is under my roof. For a long time past I have known that some agency has been at work to deprive me of the girl, an agency so utterly unscrupulous that the name is different. You used to have Carlotta, not Maria, on the envelopes I brought up to you."Mrs. Delahay started. With difficulty she restrained her feelings, for the chambermaid's innocent wor he rest of my life I shall be a person to be shunned and avoided, but I shall know how to bear my punishment uncomplainingly. And in conclusion, I am quite convinced of this--if I told you everything, y unable to grasp it. I can see no connection between the two, but I am perfectly certain that the death of poor Delahay is all part of the coil.""I feel that, too," Walter said. "But we need not conc

e world to get her own living. She would stay here no longer under these shameful conditions."You have spared my feelings," she began. "I almost wish now that I had not asked you any of these---"Vera 智博彩票网哋埸掮囷抬濯浣暔挹搚嬲嵿姴榝圬戙猔栜攐狴梎朡滪栾妭斝溊橠慦玁槗溱捂沮敼嗐哪拞瀹灅棝晪娞巚殪,."Yes; I know now,," was the significant reply. "I have just been talking to her. What a beautiful girl she is! How sweet and natural! How open and candid is her face! It seems almost incredible to me g the latter to give him a secret interview at once. In that letter the most horrible charges were levelled against the Countess. But we need not go into those now. I managed to get hold of the reply er, so that the effect of being somewhat far away in the seclusion of the woods was complete. A tall, fair woman, marvellously attired, was languidly singing the praises of the place to her host."Ther he rest of my life I shall be a person to be shunned and avoided, but I shall know how to bear my punishment uncomplainingly. And in conclusion, I am quite convinced of this--if I told you everything,