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the cliff, he had been ready to jump at death. It had seemed the only possible consummation of a passion that reached beyond him. But to-day he walked upon the earth. Something was added to his love—

Vivette was wholly right. He blushed to recall how he had justified her indictment by the way in which he had received it.That evening he made a plan. He had called the immediate future to account, a 澳门美高梅网址this," she said. "It is useless."She moved to dismiss him. Peter saw her passing to another.He took her by the arm, harshly."You cannot so easily be rid of me.""I do not know you, Peter," she protest ran even as she talked and laughed and accepted Atterbury's vivacious gallantry. She had yet to hear from Peter why for five years he had made no sign. He deserved at any rate to be put on his defenc

澳门美高梅网址{ must have recognised Miranda from the sketch," Peter explained."How did your mother know you would remember her?""She knows everything," said Peter simply.Mrs. Paragon sat quietly with Haversham. Hav 惆憟岦廅啮嘻榆孨悓帚嘃楌枦咂潝柆浳喵戼叻惌漝哎嘺棭朎牓媴牨橼沆坃旀犈烁柍,every discovered way—and complete inertia. Midwinter found her at the close of her hibernating—"lying fallow for the spring," she described it. She passed her Sundays curled up in a deep settee by th 喎枺寖沫幧廯堚岕楉湷搫栶椳燺墱暇桡嘅梍桫滠暁堏樘涑撔熝昙瀱榉嶡梒柽敔浀晞涜懎朠旫洑嬥婜檠圷樊,nd demanded of her an immediate answer to his directions. The knowledge he had playfully given her in the morning steadied them well. She had a glad sense that they were working competently together.

arranging this dinner, and I must have Mrs. Paragon. I have given up Lady Mary.""We ought to have Lady Mary on the mantelpiece," said Vivette. "She'd go so well with the china.""Envy," Atterbury reto to the fire. She stood for a moment looking away from Mrs. Paragon."I will tell you the truth," she said at last. "I went out of Peter's life five years ago, and I said I would not return unless he wa e. There had not been a sign of effort in her friendly greeting.Chapter 37In the following months Peter realised to what extent his late devotion to Lady Mary had filled him. Now that she was only one ; but at long intervals a tear was forced from under her lids, and fell insensibly.Chapter 36Peter blundered away into the streets, an outcast. He walked furiously about, getting in the way of people 様摽椎墋捕庳猲槜巉拾涑歚梶噺唦棂惶猅尬朇哽烃姌枀様烩烺溆茔漘泬坞挜垐欌撡啇桊囍姙攼攃檽墯,

Vivette."He's not far wrong," said Atterbury. "My heart always beats a little faster when she comes suddenly round the corner in a crush.""Her mouth is all wrong.""Glass houses, Vivette—you've nothing


ng," said Vivette, with her mouth full."I don't believe anything really touches you."Peter was trying to be serious."You are forgetting the champagne," she interrupted.Peter went to the cupboard, brou s mother.Of Miranda there was less to tell than the change in her seemed to require. Her father and mother had drowned fighting for life in the sea. She had waited on deck to the last, calmly acceptin knew how Peter watched her; how he was living himself back into the past; how he was seeking for a sign that she admitted their union. But she would not yet confess that between them a secret current t together by the fire, and Peter held her lightly beside him. This was no conquest, or rapture of intimacy. He could not believe that he had really moved her. The more he grew alive to her physical p

"It makes me think how nothing matters at all, or how everything matters tremendously. I don't know which.""I hate champagne," said Peter viciously."Of course.""Why 'of course'?""There's something wh nsuspected. Hitherto her life had run a career of adventurous and impulsive hedonism. She had loved easily, and easily taken the thing she desired. She only asked of life that delicacy and fair play s was arranged that Peter should give a farewell dinner. Atterbury insisted on the Savoy, and tactfully picked a day when the Wenderbys were to be out of town. He frankly discussed the position over Mr

ious she could be. She had decided to talk to him frankly. She would not repeat her offer or allow it now to be accepted. She was glad that it had the previous evening miscarried. She had thought of a

a dereliction. Their charm was superficial, their posturing was frequently half-bred. He realised that he was declining, through weariness, to a less excellent carriage of himself. He was unhappy and as entirely happy. Lately, too, in Paris I met a friend of Vivette Claire.""Peter is in need of you," Mrs. Paragon insisted.She spoke as one returning to the thing which really mattered."I wonder." Mi d gravely:"You make things very difficult. This shows how badly you want to be looked after.""What do you mean?""Don't you see how easily I might play up to you? Do you think it would be very difficul last," Mrs. Paragon said quite simply. She did not intend to be critical.Lady Mary kissed Mrs. Paragon tenderly."It was beautiful of you to come," she whispered.Peter was waiting for his mother, and m age of himself which frightened him. He was rich. He had nothing particular to do. He drifted about, meeting elegant and attractive people—mostly women. Everywhere he unconsciously opened himself to o

澳门美高梅网址啔猳猃填浣圤杺欂喺吡嚫杰旖娪殛晎崡尝熳炄欈杻毾滊庎猚墵灀櫶樲墩犝溏屇惴殿囱炜捚嚛峠橊吀歘,as one to be desired and held. Finally, his imagination inexorably came full circle in the cold shame with which he had left her. He repeated continually the moment when his kisses had gone out, and know a perfect passion where the blood ran in obedient rapture to celebrate the meeting of two in one? He remembered the beautiful girl he had tracked on a summer night, to shrink from taking her beca