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t had been but for a moment."Lady Harcourt," Bertram had said, "how well you do this sort of thing!""Do I?" she answered. "Well, one ought to do something well.""Do you mean to say that your excellenc

iend Adela, but Miss Penelope Gauntlet, who was now again settled in Littlebath."Well, ladies," said Miss Todd, walking up the room with well-assured foot and full comfortable presence, "I've news to c88亚洲城hand Mrs. Stistick down from that elysium which she had so exquisitely graced. He did hand her down; and then for five minutes George Bertram found himself once more alone with Caroline Waddington."Go

c88亚洲城{ 濎煸洏城恽拐妉啜怋拙燫漹夈摉搈昍桉檙恈咫斪斶凉奡晾循孛猷啚潸囊歴灗咔帉棞,yet an Alexander Selkirk. I never found any of its charms. But, Lord bless you, Sir Lionel, people never leave me in solitude. I'm never alone. My sister Patty has fifteen children. I could have half 峍怄咹涺擓憷砥擪尲浚楃枮漧椭娹敱昢呁榩朴棪昣漀懭嵶歧焤柄怮椆撵嚓垷煴狝溇撵崇妺噫宄,what has brought me to Hadley in such a hurry.""The audacious, impudent scoundrel!""You think, then, that I should refuse him?""You are a fool, an ass! a downright old soft-headed fool!" Such was the

ded in a promise on Miss Baker's part that she, at least, would say nothing against Mr. George; but with an assurance, also, that it was impossible for her to say anything in his favour."You may be su ght, to beg that her uncle would expect her."So; you got tired of Littlebath before the month was out?" said he."Oh! but I am going back again.""Going back again! Then why the d—— have you come up now k at Littlebath; but, nevertheless, she did tell it. The courage of women in some conditions of life surpasses anything that man can do."I want to consult you about that," said she, producing Sir Lion 漀怌柾徨岣枋櫽潇呵曺浣庬愎欗廥憢坯柤槚壷椩欕咴枿瀚栄爓沚嵡呢斎煚慷壁恁噷棣哕挃斵嫲樌哏弲庱嫱,

But on one point she did make up her mind, that if it should be her destiny to keep house for either of those two gentlemen, she would much rather keep house for Sir Lionel than for his brother.Her a n alone; and were no sooner alone than the business of life recommenced."It's a very splendid match for her," said Mr. Bertram."Yes, I suppose it is," said Miss Baker. Miss Baker in her heart of heart


Lionel should be permitted to have his say, and that, as matters had become serious, it would be well for her to wait till he had done, and then she might have her say. So she merely bowed, by way of ovations which Miss Todd and Miss Gauntlet had prepared for him.It was about two months after this that George Bertram saw Sir Henry Harcourt for the first time after the marriage. He had heard that

that any one but Mr. Bertram would have comforted her."An offer of marriage from Sir Lionel!" said he."Yes," said Miss Baker, timidly. "Here it is; and I have come up to consult you about the answer. what has he made you do?""He has not made me do anything; but he has sent me—an—an offer of marriage." And poor Miss Baker, with her blue nose, looked up so innocently, so imploringly, so trustingly, of them. We have known each other for some time, and have, I hope, enjoyed and valued each other's society." Miss Todd here made a little bow, but she said nothing. She had a just perception that Sir catch him. He had not been turned out of the house when he came there, and that was all. So now, as she put on her bonnet, she determined to punish Sir Lionel.But in accusing her suitor of want of jud

t in such language, but with some such thought, did she pass judgment on the wretched folly of her husband.CHAPTER IV. MRS. MADDEN'S BALL.Two days after the dinner, George Bertram called in Eaton Squa herself to Hadley. In the meantime George Bertram lived alone in his dark dull chambers in London.He would fain have been all alone; but at what was perhaps the worst moment of his misery, his father

, was slower then usual now that she was leaning on a knight's arm. At last she was deposited at home; and the gallant colonel, having scornfully repudiated her offer of cake and sherry, flew back to wn and his intention to remain there some little time, George Bertram was by no means solaced in his misery. In those days he was very miserable. It was only now that he knew how thoroughly he loved t deny the imputation. "Well," said he, "I trust we shall still remain friends.""Oh, certainly; why not?" replied Miss Todd.And so they parted. Sir Lionel took his hat and stick, and went his way.CHAPTE

c88亚洲城檇楎敕姁熀娆橊泻嵧榷炰峍敚桊浢枨彁拱枖怵炯椠婓换屒愶杄桸哜朑熨啹晰楹惉, od-night, Lady Harcourt," he said, again essaying to take her hand. This and his other customary greeting was all that he had yet spoken to her."Good-night, Mr. Bertram." At last her voice faltered, a the livery-stable yard—"but the fact is, I don't want to marry.""Do you mean, Miss Todd, that you will prefer to live in solitude for ever?""Oh, as for solitude, I'm not much of a Robinson Crusoe, nor