2017-03-12 19:03:39 首席财务官 2017年1期

Sears Holdings CFO,Jason Hollar

After another dismal quarter in which Sears Holdings lost considerably more money than it did a year ago, CFO Jason Hollar insisted that the company has a path back to viability. He cited the company's "portfolio of assets," along with "debt financing activities," and "expense reductions." "Our focus on generating positive EBITDA continues," the CFO said. "We do not intend to borrow money to fund continued operating losses, but rather to provide us with flexibility as we transition to an asset-light member-centric integrated retailer leveraging our Shop Your Way program."

西爾斯控股2016年第二财季亏损高于上年同期,对此,CFO Jason Hollar强调,公司有能力重回盈利。他列举了公司的“投资组合资产,”以及“债务融资”和“支出减少”等计划。“我们仍将继续专注于EBITA的增长,借来的资金不会用于持续亏损的业务,而是用于在借助Shop Your Way计划向以会员为中心的轻资产综合零售商过渡中提高资金的灵活性。”

U.S. Bancorp CFO, Terry Dolan

As Dolan recalls, "we talked about a variety of opportunities to consider, to [help me] obtain career experiences that might [lead to] achieving that goal. The company enabled me to lead a variety of business integrations," says Dolan. "It enabled me to learn more about many aspects of our company and people across the organization." Overall, "each experience broadened my perspective on leadership relating to our employees, clients, communities and shareholders, which is valuable in my new role."

在为美国合众银行供职18年后,Terry Dolan终于成为了公司CFO。Dolan回忆道,“关于如何能成长为CFO,我和人力资源副总裁Jennie Carlson曾进行过很多讨论,考虑过各种机会。公司让我领导各种业务整合,这使我有机会对公司的各方面以及组织中的人员有了更为全面的认识。总的来说,每一段经历都扩大了我对员工、客户、社群和股东的认知,这些对于我的新角色来说是非常有价值的。”

Costco CFO, Richard Galanti

The CFO said that the company is past any difficulty from the switch. He laid out how the move was a double win. "In terms of increased cash back rewards, the estimate is about a 40% to 50% improvement in the reward program," Galanti said. "And it's also great for us in terms of driving member value and sales over the next years and of course lowering our effective costs of accepting credit and debit cards."、

2016年Costco最大也是最冒险的动作就是不再接受使用美国运通卡, 取而代之的是由花旗发行的Visa信用 卡。CFO Richard Galanti表示,在转变过程中,公司经历了各种困难,但最终取得了双赢的结果。“对于 会员而言,可以获得更多的现金回馈奖励,根据奖励计划,大约提高40%到50%。对我们来说也有很大的价 值,在接下来的几年会创造更大的会员价值、增加销量。当然,还会降低我们接受信用卡和借记卡的部分有 效成本。”