2018-07-10 17:59:38 China Pictorial2018年6期

Strengthening China-UK Cooperation in Scientific, Technological Innovation

May 29, Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with visiting British Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, at the Great Hall of the People.

Xi called on China and the UK to strengthen cooperation in scientific and technological innovation. He also said that he appreciates the royal familys contribution to China-UK friendship, and recalled his successful state visit to Britain in 2015, which opened up the “Golden Era” of bilateral ties. Although the current international situation has changed a lot, the “Golden Era” of bilateral ties continues its steady development, Xi added.

Prince Andrew said that Britain pays high attention to Chinas economic transition from high-speed growth to high-quality development. And he is willing to continue to strengthen practical cooperation in science and technology, innovation and industry between the two countries, enhance mutual understanding between the two peoples, and promote even greater development of the UK-China “Golden Era.”

Carrier Concludes Sea Trials

May 18, Dalian, Liaoning Province: Chinas second aircraft carrier completed its sea trials and returned to port at Dalian Shipyard.

The aircraft carrier, which is the first one designed and built domestically, was launched in April last year. The five-day sea trials started on May 13 to test the reliability and stability of the aircraft carriers power system and other equipment. The Peoples Liberation Army Navy reported that the trials tested multiple facilities and reached the anticipated objectives.

Longest Stay in Simulated Moon Lab

May 15, Beijing: Volunteer Liu Hui prepares to leave the Yuegong-1, or Lunar Palace 1, a simulated space lab, at Beihang University.

Chinese volunteers have completed a one-year test living in the simulated space lab in Beijing, setting a new record for the longest stay in a self-contained cabin. The total length of the test, which started on May 10 last year, reached 370 days, with the third stage accounting for 110 days.

Liu Hong, chief designer of the Yuegong-1, said that the test marks the longest stay in a bio-regenerative life support system (BLSS), in which humans, animals, plants and microorganisms coexist in a closed environment, simulating a lunar base.

The previous record was set in the former Soviet Union, where three people stayed for 180 days in a similar closed ecosystem in the early 1970s.

Angels Over China

May 8, Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: A doctor checks a child from Afghanistan in a hospital. The five-year-old, who has heart disease, received free treatment at the hospital and returned to Afghanistan with free medicine the next day.

A total of 25 Afghan children suffering from congenital heart disease have received free treatment in China this year under the program of the Belt and Road Fraternity Fund (BRFF), called the“Angels Tour.”

Under the program, launched last year, the Chinese Red Cross foreign aid medical team aims to take 100 Afghan children suffering from congenital heart disease to China to receive free surgery by 2018.