2019-09-09 16:01:20 Beijing Review 2019年36期

On August 3, Beijing Review reporters visited the Suwu Desert Scenic Area in Minqin County, northwest Chinas Gansu Province, where sculptures of various shapes dot the sand dunes.

The 2018 Minqin (China) Desert Sculpture International Creation Camp and the Land Art Festival was launched here in July 2018, marking the first desert art cluster in China and the world. The second edition, themed Humanity, Green and Development, with 46 works from 20 countries and regions including China, Italy and Germany on display, was held in July. Standing in the vast desert, the sculptures have become a new hot spot for desert tourism along with the existing 26 pieces. According to the staff, hundreds of works will be added in the near future.

The establishment of the desert scenic area demonstrates that the desertification control in Minqin has expanded to utilize desert resources. In its hinterlands, dozens of white tents similar to Mongolian yurts are ready to be put into use. With an astronomy theme, this area is called Star Town, where people can enjoy an awe-inspiring view of the night sky. Built on natural resources, desert tourism is gradually becoming an organic part of the local economy.