AI Software Can Catch Shoplifters Before They Steal 智能软件不等下手就能识别偷窃者

2019-11-07 02:23:12 时代英语·高一 2019年6期


A Japanese tech startup claims to have developed an artificial intelligence software that analyzes surveillance camera footage in order to detect suspicious behavior and prevent shoplifting before it actually happens.

In 2002, when the movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, came out, the concept of preventing a future crime was nothing more than a cool sci-fi idea, but thanks to the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, we already have an early version of the technology displayed in that movie.

VaakEye, an AI software developed by Japanese startup Vaak, can allegedly detect shoplifting before it occurs by analyzing surveillance camera footage for discrete suspicious movements and behaviors of people caught in the cameras field of view. If the algorithm decides that there is a high-enough probability of a person shoplifting, it sends an alert via a smartphone app so the crime can be prevented.

VaakEye first made news headlines back in December 2018 when it picked up on previously undetected shoplifting activity at a convenience store in Yokohama.

“I thought then, ‘Ah, at last!” Vaak founder Ryo Tanaka recalled about the first time VaakEye helped detect shoplifting intentions. “We took an important step closer to a society where crime can be prevented with AI.”

VaakEye is based on a complex algorithm that harnesses deep learning from more than 100,000 hours of surveillance footage and analyzes over 100 different factors, from a persons face, clothes, movement, overall behavior, to macro-data like crime incidence in the area the shop is located in, or current weather conditions.

This new shoplifting-prevention software has reportedly helped detect at least 7 shoplifters in tests performed as of December 12th last year, and is credited with reducing shoplifting cases by 75%, according to IT Media.

However, VaakEye is not intended to help police catch shoplifters after theyve committed the crime, but rather help business owners prevent the crime from being committed. Theoretically, shop staff can approach suspicious subjects after receiving an alert from the software and ask if they need some help. This should discourage suspected shoplifters from going ahead with their plans.







据IT Media报道,截至2018年12月12日的测试期间,这款新的防盗软件已经帮助识别出至少7名小偷,并使盗窃案数量降低了75%。


Word Study

rapid /'r?p?d/ adj. 迅速的;快速的

The disease is spreading at a rapid rate.

recall /r?'k??l/ v. 记忆起;回想起

He recalled that she always came home late on Wednesdays.

complex /'k?mpleks/ adj. 复杂的;费解的

We have language and use it to express complex ideas.

commit /k?'m?t/ v.犯(罪或错等)

I dont believe that only tough guys commit crimes.