Second-hand Drinking “二手酒”

2019-11-07 02:23:12 时代英语·高一 2019年6期

Second-hand drinking is a term used to describe the effects of a persons alcohol misuse on families, co-workers, fellow students and society at large.


For example, friends and family members are the ones who have to try to keep that person safe, look after them if they pass out, clean up after them if they puke in their car, get over their feelings of being hurt by the mean things theyd said the night before while drunk and live with the constant fighting about the drinking behavior.


Something most of us do not fully understand is the physical and emotional consequence to the health of a family member or friend caused by repeatedly dealing with second-hand drinking. It is one thing if this is an occasional happenstance (although even a drunk driver could die because of a traffic accident, for example). However, if your family members or friends drink like a fish and get drunk all the time, there could be serious emotional and physical health consequences of them.