Research on Vocational English Teaching Based on the National China Skills in 2019

2019-11-07 03:49:26 校园英语·下旬 2019年10期

Xiujuan Wang

【Abstract】The 15th National China Skills in Qingdao drew great attention due to its high specifications, difficulty, wide range and great involvement. However, the question bank was given in the month before the competition this year instead of. The problems in the cultivation of oral English teaching were reflected from the on-the-spot performance. A great number of candidates cannot make impromptu speeches and fail to further communicate in-depth. In this case, it calls on Higher Vocational Colleges to further cultivate the critical thinking ability of both English teachers and students under the background of the big data, thus truly improving students English communication to adapt to the rapid development of the times and conform to Talent Training Programs in higher vocational colleges.

【Key Words】Big data; National China Skills; Critical thinking; Talent Training Program

【作者簡介】Xiujuan Wang, Hunan Railway Professional Technology College

1. Typical Problems Reflected in the 15th China Skills

The Speech Contest consists of three parts, namely presentation,interview and debate. The referees judge the candidates from the content (logic, response), language and manners. Potential problems were reflected during the competition, being not only the language, but also the analytical abilities and critical thinking capabilities, as followed in terms of critical thinking.

First, many contestants lack the ability to accurately capture and interpret information. Failing to accurately understand the focus of the chart and describe the chart in a confused and lengthy way led to a lower score.

Second, most contestants are weak in the process of argumentation, they simply repeat their own opinions, not knowing how to convince the fellow debaters by citing examples, metaphors, comparisons and other methods of argumentation, which led to insufficient analysis and weak persuasiveness.

Third, their illogic idea, unclear organization of language and imperfect connection resulted in confusion in the presentation process.

2. The Cultivation of Critical Thinking Ability in Oral English Teaching

(1)The Development of the Critical Thinking Ability of Oral English Teachers

To cultivate students critical thinking ability, teachers are required to have critical thinking skills first. Most of the vocational college English teachers only knew some basic knowledge of philosophy during the university, and they have not been exposed to logics and critical thinking. Under such circumstances, it is very difficult for teachers to carry out critical thinking teaching. Therefore, it is top priority for Oral English teachers to understand the connotation of critical thinking, related training and teaching activities are performed thereof.

(2)Design of Teaching Activities Conducive to Cultivating Students Critical Thinking Ability

Language is not only a tool but also a form of expressing thinking. To improve students oral communication ability, it is necessary to improve students critical thinking ability. The design of teaching and learning activities should focus on cultivating students analytical and comprehensive abilities and the ability to discover, analyze and solve problems, emotional intentions of critical thinking as well. Teachers should pay more attention to language accuracy and fluency when designing teaching activities.

3. Conclusion

The 15th China Skills witnessed the fruitful results of the development and reform of vocational education in China, which will further accelerate the transformation of the competition resources. Comprehensive English literacy is reflected by constantly reflection on progressive reforms.