The impact of the development of Guzheng on people

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【Abstract】 Guzheng is one of the important national musical instruments of Chinese tradition. With its beautiful tone, wide range, and considerable expressive power. Guzheng has made it to the whole world. This paper introduces the development of guzheng by introducing the guzheng culture, and analyzes its influence on culture and the emotions of the guzheng.

【Key words】 Guzheng; musical instrument; influence; culture


Guzheng is a kind of Chinese national musical instrument. In the development history of many years, after the creation and innovation of literati and artists in the past, its repertoire and techniques have been gradually improved, and a specific guzheng genre has been formed. Guzheng music generally has the characteristics of structural symmetry, fluency of melody, regularity of rhythm, and emotionality of content, which can directly stimulate peoples sensory organs until the relaxation and excitement of the brain and nervous system, making people creative. The melody played by the guzheng is elegant and subtle, and the melody is smooth and beautiful. It can express multi-layered emotions, improve peoples aesthetic ability, enrich emotions, purify the soul, and cultivate sentiment.

First, the concept of guzheng

1. Guzheng is an ancient Chinese national musical instrument, a gem of the Chinese nation, and a cultural heritage of the world. Guzheng began in the Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. The shape of the guzheng is a rectangular wooden speaker. The string frame can move freely. It is arranged in a five-tone scale. The earliest is the 25-string zither. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, there were thirteen strings, and later added to sixteen, eighteen, twenty-one strings, etc. The most commonly used specifications are twenty-one strings; the guzheng works are mostly played, appreciated, etc. Conducting can promote peoples ability to understand, understand and create music beauty.

2. Guzheng has a uniform specification, generally 1.63 meters, 21 strings. Most of the panels of Guzheng are made of paulownia wood from Henan Lankao. The frame is made of white pine. The first and last sides of the kite have mahogany, golden nanmu, red sandalwood and other precious wood. The panels and strings determine the sound quality of the guzheng, while the materials used around the guzheng slightly improve the tone of the guzheng. The old mahogany, red sandalwood and golden nanmu are the best.

Second, the emotions of the guzheng

1. The guzhengs tunes are smooth and pleasant, and the rhythm is soft and slow, like a spring breeze; the playing posture is generous, and the dignifiedness is mixed with gorgeous; the elegant words are like the hibiscus, the style is fresh and refined. The guzheng music all expresses the beauty of “the rules are not dry, the elegance is not bad”.

2. Ancient poets often became sentimental because of the external environment. “Autumn Thoughts” and “Autumn Nights Thought”, etc.were palyed by the guzheng to show the late-night autumn wind, the grass fell, the birds migrated, and everything went to silence, which made people fall into a kind of meditation and a sad situation that cannot be extricated. The zither songs also express people think of home and miss friends, let the listener feel the sadness of peoples thoughts in an immersive and vivid image.

3. In addition, Guzheng also has a strong and spin-and-left-handed large-scale scratching, which can vividly express the heroic temperament and sorrowful momentum.

Third, the influence of guzheng on people

The guzheng is not only beautiful in appearance, but also beautiful in tone. The beautiful image of the flying zither on the ancient Dunhuang murals has been deeply engraved in peoples memories.

1. Since the appearance of Guzheng, it has been well received and loved by people. Its application is very extensive: (1). For the music, it is used in the temple of the imperial court. (2). For the court and nobles to enjoy entertainment. (3). The literatis self-entertainment, a small range of indoor entertainment. (4). Qinlou Pavilion, Zhengle is more professional geisha performance, in the public entertainment venues of the restaurant, the audience is wide and more entertaining. (5). For large-scale music and dance performances, etc.

2. Many scholars in history like to use guzheng to express their feelings. The ancient literati played a lot of guzheng, among them Cao Pi. He takes the kite wherever he goes, and plays it anytime and anywhere. There are also Xie Shang and He Chengtian in the Jin Dynasty; Lu Taixi in the Liang Dynasty of the Southern Dynasties, Li Yuanzhong and Sun Shiyuan in the Northern Qi of the Northern Wei Dynasty; and the emperor of Song Taizu Zhao Yu also played a good kite, which won the favor of her mother-in-law. Guzheng was deeply loved by people in ancient times.

3. Guzheng creation and performance are ultimately based on the majority of guzheng appreciators. Guzheng appreciators are recipients and consumers of guzheng music creation and performance. Rewarding the heart “ear” is the direct purpose of music art. The beauty of zither music is first owned by human hearing, and acoustic perception is the basis for appreciation of music. Guzheng music appreciation also needs to understand the artistic conception and profound connotation of the zither. Through music appreciation, we can get a beautiful feeling and can cultivate sentiment.

4. Guzheng performance needs to be fully engaged. The body cooperates with the comprehensive fingering method to exert body strength and exercise, and often plays an excellent exercise for the body. It is necessary to cultivate a good attitude and emotion, while the beautiful music is nourishing the soul and cultivating the kindness. In short, the guzheng is a musical instrument that is good for exercising physical and mental health.

In short, the guzheng affects the mood of many literati and the number of celebrity singers. Guzhen deeply influences peoples lives. It records peoples inheritance of faith and has good social and economic value. The ancient zither culture is profound and profound.


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