Units 3—4 Listening Practice

2019-09-03 03:26
时代英语·初中 2019年4期



1. A. Is this your box?

B. Is that your pencil?

C. Is that your pen?

2. A. The yellow schoolbag is his.

B. The blue pen is hers.

C. The white eraser is mine.

3. A. Where are my keys?

B. Wheres my ruler?

C. Wheres your schoolbag?

4. A. Its under the chair.

B. Theyre on the table.

C. Its in his schoolbag.

5. A. My eraser is in the pencil box.

B. My ruler is on the desk.

C. My books are in the bookcase.


1. A. Yes, it is.

B. Yes, they are.

C. No, they arent.

2. A. Im OK.

B. Im fine, thanks.

C. Youre welcome.

3. A. They are my friends.

B. Its a pencil box.

C. Its on the table.

4. A. No, theyre mine.

B. No, it isnt. Its hers.

C. No, they arent. Theyre his.

5. A. No, its Erics.

B. She is my sister.

C. My name is Anna.

6. A. Yes, thank you.

B. Its on the sofa.

C. He is my brother.

7. A. Yes, they are.

B. No, its on the table.

C. Yes, it is.

8. A. They are my parents.

B. Its in the bag.

C. They are on the table.

9. A. I dont know.

B. Thank you.

C. Youre welcome.

10. A. Yes, I am.

B. Yes, it is.

C. No, it isnt. Its hers.

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