A Great Artist in My Family

2020-10-29 05:46梁国元
考试与评价·七年级版 2020年5期


I'm Leo. There is a great artist in my family. She is Lisa. Lisa likes drawing a lot. Here are her three drawings (画).

There is an animal in the first drawing. It has two big eyes, a big mouth and two small ears. It has long arms and long legs. It is black and white. There are some apples in its hands. It looks very happy. What is it? I don't know, but Lisa says it is a panda.

There is a woman in the second drawing. She is thin. She has straight blonde hair, a small mouth, a big nose and two big eyes. She looks angry. Who is she? Lisa says she is our mom. But Mom has curly blonde hair, small eyes and a small nose.

There is an animal in the third drawing, too. Its head is an apple. Its hair and tail(尾巴) are leaves(树叶). It has a long mouth, and it is a banana. Its two legs are carrots. What is it? Lisa says it is a horse (馬).

Lisa is really a great artist, isn't she?


1. From the passage, we can know Lisa is Leo's ____.

A. mother  B. grandma C. sister      D. classmate

2. The animal in the first drawing ____.

A. looks very happy B. is eating apples

C. has big eyes and big ears D. has short arms and short legs

3. Leo's mom has ____.

A. a big mouth B. curly blonde hair

C. two big eyes D. a big nose

4. The underlined word “it” refers to (指代) the “____”.

A. hair   B. head C. tail   D. mouth

5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Lisa's horse likes to eat carrots.

B. Lisa likes drawing very much.

C. Lisa draws an animal and two women.

D. The woman in the second drawing looks happy.

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