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高中生学习·高三版 2014年3期


1. It is a good idea to make a brief , of the main points of your speech to get yourself across to the audience.

A. comment B. summary

C. guide D. framework

2. China, in company with other peace-loving countries, has consistently stood for the complete of the use of nuclear weapons.

A. declaration B. inspiration

C. prohibition D. recognition

3. Putin has won the Russians presidential election as expected, over which many hold the opinion that he it in terms of his contribution to the country.

A. permits B. deserves

C. admits D. preserves

4. There is a growing tendency for people to do shopping on the Internet. But sometimes its difficult to quality of the products.

A. assume B. suppose

C. measure D. ensure

5. In the 1990s, Mr Bean became a star using mime to difficult social situations much as Charlie Chaplin had done.

A. highlight B. overlook

C. assess D. update

6. A charity campaign to offer care to the elderly in our city attracted many participants on March 5—“Learn from Lei Feng Day”, a day to honor the spirit of helping others.

A. set down B. set about

C. set aside D. set back

7. Her adaptable mind is always open to new knowledge and of others viewpoints, which makes her popular with her colleagues.

A. particular B. tolerant

C. jealous D. ambitious

8. The named ticket system, where , ID is needed when people purchase tickets, was first introduced during the Spring Festival last year.

A. stable B. universal

C. favorable D. valid

9. E-mails, though exposed to misleading information, are considered far more convenient than traditional letters.

A. occasionally B. especially

C. originally D. naturally

10. Currently, some overseas universities are simply selling diplomas to Chinese students ,their academic performance, so China should check in a regular basis.

A. on account of B. in addition to

C. regardless of D. in relation to

二、完形填空 (共20小题;每小题1分,满分20分)

I lay unconscious, my face covered in blood and black bruises(瘀伤), my head swollen to the size of a football. Though my surviving teammates 11 my pulse and were surprised my heart was still beating, my condition seemed so grave that they gave up to me.

The damaged plane had come to 12 at about 12,000 feet on a snow-packed glacier flowing down the eastern slope of a massive, ice-covered mountain. Thirteen 13 died. The left 32 of us still alive, some badly 14 . Teammate Arturo had two broken legs; Enriques stomach was impaled (戳穿) by a six-inch steel tube. Others had head injuries. 15 survivors became workers, helping to 16 the trapped passengers.endprint

On my third day lying in a deadly silence, a light appeared. I rose 17 the darkness like a diver slowly swimming to the surface. Gustavo, one of my teammates, was crouching besides me, pressing snow to my 18 . “Here, Nando, are you thirsty?” he said.

The cold snow burned my throat as I swallowed, but I was so thirsty that I gobbled (狼吞虎咽) it and 19 for more. I heard soft moans and cries of pain 20 me. Full of questions as my head 21 , I gestured Gustavo closer. “Where is my mother?” I asked. “Wheres Susy?”

His face betrayed no 22 , “Get some rest. You are very weak.”

I lay trembling on the planes floor, listening for my sisters voice and glancing about for my mother, even as my head ached. When I 23 up to touch the top of my head, I felt 24 broken bones beneath dried blood. My stomach heave (恶心): it was scattered pieces of skull (头骨) 25 , the surface of my brain.

When Gustavo came by again with more snow, I 26 his sleeve. “Where are they, Gustavo? Please.” He looked into my eyes and must have seen I was ready. “Nando, you must be 27 . Your mother is dead.” Then he added gently, pointing to the back of the plane, “Your sister is over there. Shes hurt very badly.”

Panic and grief 28 in my heart, but a clear voice said, “Do not cry. Tears waste salt. Youll need salt to 29 .”

I was shocked, not cry for my mother, for the great loss of my life? Im desperate, Im freezing, my sister may be dying, my skull is in 30 . I should not cry? I heard the voice again. Do not cry.

11. A. caught B. gave

C. took D. pulled

12. A. rest B. leave

C. start D. take

13. A. workers B. staff

C. pilots D. passengers

14. A. killed B. wounded

C. destroyed D. trapped

15. A. Saved B. Undamaged

C. Adult D. Uninjured

16. A. treat B. free

C. tie D. comfort

17. A. on to B. in to

C. out of D. back to

18. A. lips B. face

C. hand D. forehead

19. A. ordered B. managed

C. engaged D. begged

20. A. around B. below

C. over D. above

21. A. woke B. confused

C. cleared D. cleaned

22. A. devotion B. emotion

C. expression D. ambition

23. A. recovered B. turned

C. stuck D. reached

24. A. bleeding B. hairy

C. rough D. soft

25. A. to B. against

C. by D. on

26. A. hit B. tore

C. grabbed D. pushedendprint

27. A. dissatisfied B. weak

C. sympathetic D. strong

28. A. exploded B. got

C. stopped D. caught

29. A. survive B. eat

C. cook D. cure

30. A. demand B. pieces

C. need D. public



At the age of ten I could not figure out what this Elvis Presley guy had that the rest of us boys did not have. I mean, he had a head, two arms and two legs, just like the rest of us. About nine oclock on Saturday morning I decided to ask Eugene Correthers, one of the older boys, what it was that made this Elvis guy so special. He told me that it was Elvis wavy hair and the way he moved his body.

About half an hour later all the boys in the orphanage(孤儿院)were called to the main dining-room and told we were all going to downtown Jacksonville, Florida to get a new pair of Buster Brown shoes and a hair cut. That is when I got this big idea, which hit me like a ton of bricks. If the Elvis hair cut was the big secret, then thats what I was going to get.

All the way to town I told everybody, including the matron(女管家)from the orphanage who was taking us to town, that I was going to look just like Elvis Presley and that I would learn to move around just like he did and that I would be rich and famous one day, just like him.

When I got my new Buster Brown shoes, I could hardly wait for my new hair cut and now that I had my new Buster Brown shoes I would be very happy to go back to the orphanage and practice being like Elvis.

We finally arrived at the big barber shop, where they cut our hair for free because we were orphans(孤儿). I looked at the barber and said, “I want an Elvis hair cut. Can you make my hair like Elvis?” I asked him, with a big smile on my face. “Lets just see what we can do for you, little man,” he said. I was so happy when he started to cut my hair. Just as he started to cut my hair, the matron signed for him to come over to where she was standing. She whispered something into his ear and then he shook his head, like he was telling her “No”. Then he told me they were not allowed to give us Elvis hair cuts. Then I saw my hair falling onto the floor.

31. In the authors eyes, Elvis Presley was .

A. disgusting B. admirable

C. ambitious D. dynamic

32. From the passage, we can know that .

A. Buster Brown was more appealing than Elvis Presley

B. An Elvis hair cut cost the orphans a lot of moneyendprint

C. The author was fascinated with the stars Buster and Elvis

D. The barber was unwilling to give the boy an Elvis hair cut

33. We can learn from the underlined sentence in para. 2 that the boy was .

A. excited to have an Elvis hair cut

B. worried to think about the secret

C. anxious to remove the ton of bricks

D. careful to seize the chance

34. How would the boy probably feel when he walked out of the barber shop?

A. Delighted. B. Guilty.

C. Self-satisfied. D. Depressed.


When it comes to intelligence, human beings are the top dogs. Or so we tell ourselves. But in recent years, scientists have been documenting surprising intelligence and emotional depth in animals ranging from bees to elephants. Through studies in lab in the wild, researchers have found animals communicating complex ideas, solving problems, using tools and expressing their feelings-behaviors once thought to be unique to human.

The intelligence we are talking about is more than, say, training a dog to detect cancer in humans. Its the ability of the animal to use an innate trait(本能) for a complex purpose. Here is an example.

The term birdbrain is considered an insult(侮辱), but some birds are pretty brainy. One African grey parrot in suburban Boston is said to have the cognitive(认知) abilities of a five-year-old child. Alex is a 29-year-old bird thats been tutored most of her life by Irene Pepperberg, a Harvard-educated professor. Alex can identify 50 different objects, seven colors, five shapes and the concept of bigger, smaller, small and different. “And he said, ‘Im sorry,” reports Pepperberg. “He knew what was appropriate to say.”

Pepperberg insists that Alex makes reasoned decisions—meaning he possesses language abilities once thought to separate human from the rest. Researchers gave Alex different colored blocks in sets of two, three and six. When asked which color had five blocks, Alex replied, “None.” And he repeated the answers in the similar tests. Although Alex had previously learnt the term to describe the difference between two identically sized of objects, he apparently interpreted the concept of “none” as an absence of quantity.

“The important thing was not just that he understood a zero-like concept,” says Pepperberg, “but that he was able to take information from one place and apply it to another. Thats a lot like a student answering questions on a quiz show.”endprint

Of course, many animals show remarkable signs of intelligence but thus far havent rated their own scientific studies. And some, such as cats, are too independent to give into to a researchers scientific study. However, cats are intelligent enough to identify a species that will pet them, groom them and wake up at crack of dawn to feed them.

35. Whats the main idea of this passage?

A. Parrots are born mathematician.

B. Animals are more intelligent than we expected.

C. Animals are less intelligent than human beings.

D. Animals can use their innate trait to serve the people.

36. Whats the meaning of the first sentence?

A. Human beings are the cleverest among dogs.

B. Human beings are as intelligent as dogs.

C. Human beings are cleverest.

D. Human beings are cleverer than dogs.

37. In the experience mentioned in the text, what are the skills that the bird was tested?

A. Identify five shapes.

B. Identify seven colors.

C. Identify different colors and numbers.

D. Identify 50 different objects.

38. What is the meaning of the underlined word “interpret” in the fourth paragraph?

A. Understood. B. Confused.

C. Interrupted. D. Translated


During the fall months at high school guidance counseling programs, juniors run to the stage to participate in an exercise to help them understand that it is not “where you go” that matters. They hold posters with the names and faces of famous people while their peers(同龄人) and parents shout out with confidence the names of elite(精英) colleges they assume the celebrities attended. The “oohs” and “aahs” follow when they learn that Steven Spielberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates dropped out of college, that Oprah Winfrey is a graduate of Tennessee State and that Ken Burns graduated from Hampshire College. If even a few stressed students and their anxious parents benefit from this information, it is a worthwhile exercise.

Even better is giving the students a task to identify the happy, successful people in their own circle of family, friends, co-workers and neighbors and challenging them to go and ask “if or where they went to college” as a means of broadening the conversation in their search for a life after high school.

The key to success in college and beyond has more to do with what students do with their time during college than where they choose to attend. A long-term study of 6,335 college graduates published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that graduating from a college where entering students have higher SAT scores—one marker of elite colleges—didnt pay off in higher post-graduation income. Researchers found that students who applied to several elite schools but didnt attend them—either because of rejection or by their own choice—are more likely to earn high incomes later than students who actually attended elite schools.endprint

In a summary of the findings, the bureau says that “evidently, students motivation, ambition and desire to learn have a much stronger effect on their future success than average academic ability of their classmates.”

The late author Loren Pope, who wrote Looking Beyond the Ivy League and Colleges That Change Lives, noted that the greater the opportunity for engagement and critical, creative and cooperative learning with staff, peers and community, the more likely the chance for future success.

39. The purpose of the guidance counseling programs is to help students .

A. apply for suitable colleges

B. learn about college life

C. choose the most famous colleges

D. know about famous graduates

40. Ken Burns example shows that the successful people .

A. dont need support from their friends

B. have their own circle of family

C. dont necessarily graduate from a famous college

D. graduate from a famous college

41. What contributes most to students success in college and after graduation is .

A. whether they enter the elite college or not

B. whether they have spared no effort in college or not

C. whether they possess a higher SAT scores or not

D. whether they have famous schoolmates or not

42. According to Loren Pope, future success depends more on .

A. staff, peers and community

B. motivation, ambition and desire to succeed

C. average academic ability of the classmates

D. creation, cooperation and opportunity


Sitcom Madness has begun!

Pet Rock, like the rest of you, grew up watching television and continues to do so in our slightly later years.

So when Big Bank Hank suggested we do a 64-show tournament(淘汰赛) to determine televisions best sitcom, the only question was “How do we narrow down the field?”

Well, the bubble burst on about 25 shows, but such is life. This is Sitcom Madness, where theres no mercy for the marginally funny shows. Bring the funny or get off the air.

We know weve angered some folks with our field of 64, but again, such is life when you attempt these massive tournaments. Unlike the real March Madness, theres no consolation (安慰) NIT tournament for TV shows. We call that “Canceled because of low ratings”. The field of 64 considered all 30-minute sitcoms from across all eras. We go all the way back to “The Honeymooners” and stay current with “How I Met Your Mother.”endprint

You may be partial to the shows you grew up watching, which is fine with us. But the beauty of Sitcom Madness is that people of all ages grew up watching TV shows, including people right now who see “30 Rock” and “Entourage” as the best television can offer. Embrace all walks of life, we say here at Pet Rock.

Heres how Sitcom Madness works: Weve got 64 shows and one giant bracket, just like the NCAA March Madness tournament. In each round of Sitcom Madness, youll have a few days to vote as many times as you like for your favorite show. Pretty basic stuff. The real excitement here is seeing which shows advance. There are some extremely tough battles in the first round.

43. The underlined phrase “get off the air” in the third passage probably refers to .

A. put them to air B. get good shows

C. refuse bad shows D. stop finding shows

44. We can infer from the passage that .

A. TV plays a very important part in most of our life

B. most of us have watched 64 TV shows in our life

C. the field of 64 TV shows is welcomed everywhere

D. each of us will have to choose one from 64 TV shows

45. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Sitcom Madness is also one of the best TV shows

B. “The Honeymooners” is one of the latest TV shows.

C. The 64 TV shows should be those including all ages.

D. It is much easier to make choices for the first round.

46. Whats the main idea of the passage?

A. Why people like to watch TV shows.

B. Which TV shows are the best ones.

C. What the Sitcom Madness is.

D. Voting 64 TV shows for Sitcom Madness.


Research has long backed the therapeutic (治疗的) value of diary-keeping for teenage girls and boys. But according to a new study, when teenagers detail their sadness onto a blog, the therapeutic value is even greater. Blogging, it seems, can be good for you.

The study, published in the journal Psychological Services and conducted by Meyran Boniel, Nissim and Azy Barak, psychology professors at the University of Haifa, Israel, found the contact with an online community through a blog made it more effective in relieving (解除) the writers social anxiety than a private diary would be.

To track teenagers experiences with blogging, the researchers randomly surveyed high school students in Israel and selected 161 of them who exhibited some level of social anxiety or stress. The teenagers, who averaged 15 years old, said they had difficulty making new friends or relating to their existing friends.endprint

The teenagers were divided into six groups. The first two groups were asked to blog about their social difficulties, with one group asked to open their posts to comments. The second two groups were asked to blog about whatever struck their adolescent fancy; again, with one group allowing comments. All four groups were told to write in their blogs at least twice a week. As a control, two more groups were told to keep either an old-fashioned print diary or to do nothing at all.

All of their blog records were then read through by four psychologists to determine the authors relative social and emotional state. In all the groups, the greatest improvement in mood occurred among those bloggers who wrote about their problems and allowed commenters to respond.

Interestingly, the commenters on the blogs were quite supportive. “The only kind of surprise we had was that almost all comments made by readers were very positive and constructive in trying to offer support for anxious bloggers,” Dr Barak wrote in an e-mail.

47. Compared with the traditional diary, the main advantage of blogging is that .

A. you can write almost anything in a blog

B. you can make complaints in a blog

C. you can keep in touch with others through your blog

D. you can improve your emotional state through your blog

48. The researchers surveyed the students in Israel in order to .

A. make us believe that blogging is a must for teenagers

B. prove blogging is more effective in solving teens emotional problems

C. find out their social and emotional state and help them out

D. check if blogging can help improve teens emotional state

49. In the most improved group, the bloggers .

A. wrote at most twice a week

B. told others whatever they wanted about themselves

C. communicated with readers about their troubles

D. made their social difficulties known to researchers only

50. The main idea of the last paragraph is that bloggers can .

A. support anything they like

B. make new friends with anyone

C. turn to the psychology experts for help

D. receive beneficial messages from readers


51. By the time we take the 2013 College Entrance Exam, we more than 3,500 words. (master)


52. Not by a well-known company doesnt necessarily mean that you have no bright future. (employ)endprint


53. It is required that all high school students to use cell phones at school. (allow)


54. No matter , people are unlikely to be persuaded if the product is unsuitable for them. (good)


55. Tsinghua University in Beijing, , the mainlands top education and research institute, was the target of extensive hacking by US spies this year, according to information leaked by Edward Snowden. (regard)


56. The typical cases will be introduced to readers to warn them of potential risks. (cheat)


57. The driver was to blame for the accident. Not only too much alcohol, but he drove beyond limitation. (drink)


58. Misunderstandings arising from lack of communication, unless properly , may lead to serious problems. (deal)


59. In fact, it is the mental addiction rather than the physical effects to quit smoking. (make)


60. Tom basketball now. I saw him cleaning the classroom just a moment ago. (play)




Never be afraid of making mistakes. Factually, making progress is making mistakes. Mistakes reveal where success lies.


1. 无须写标题,不得照抄英语提示语;

2. 除诗歌外,文体不限;

3. 文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称;

4. 词数为120左右。endprint

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