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2020-11-10 11:21
时代英语·高三 2020年5期

閱读下面短文, 在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。


Researchers examined the benefits of singing among people with mental health conditions1(include) anxiety and depression.

They found people who took part in a community singing group improved their mental health and that the combination of singing and socializing was an important part of2(recover).

The grassroots action3(run) weekly singing workshops for the people with mental health conditions as well as the general public. It4(original) began at a hospital in 2005,5afterwards moved into the community. Around 120 people now attend four free workshops each week across Norfolk, two thirds of6have had contact with mental health services.

The research project followed the group for six months and7(undertake) interviews and focus groups with participants, organizers, and workshop8(leader).

The report shows how singing and socializing gave participants9feeling of belonging and well-being that often lasted a day or10(many), as well as improved social skills and confidence.

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The lion is a special animal to Chinese people. A couple of stone lions, a male and a female, are1(common) seen in front of the gates of traditional buildings.

The lion2(regard) as the king in the animal world so it represents power. The stone lions are also used to indicate the ranks of3(official).

It is interesting to note that China4(have) no lions originally. The earliest stone lions were sculpted at the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty with the introduction of Buddhism5ancient China. In the Buddhist faith, the lion,6can protect the truth and keep off evils, is considered7holy animal of nobleness and dignity. In Chinese folk tales, the lion has become a symbol of8(brave), power and good luck.

It is also popular9(decorate) bridges with sculpted stone lions for the same reason.  The best known of the bridge is the Lugou Bridge,10(build) from 1189 to 1192. A famous saying is that “the lions on the Lugou Bridge are uncountable.”

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Visitors to Britain may find the best place to enjoy local culture in a traditional pub. But newcomers may get into trouble in these friendly pubs. Strangers may start with the1(difficult) of getting a drink. Most pubs have no waiters—you have to go to the bar to buy drinks. This may sound inconvenient, but English people are used to doing so.

Pub culture is formed2(help) people get along with each other. Standing at the bar for service3(allow) you to chat with others4(wait) for drinks. The bar counter is5(possible) the only place in Britain6a friendly conversation with strangers7(consider) to be entirely proper and really quite normal behavior.8 , if you do not follow the local rules, you may fail to feel the local culture. For example, if you are in a big group,9is best for one or two people to go to buy the drinks. Nothing makes the regular customers and bar staff10(angry) than a group of strangers standing in front of the bar while they chat and wonder what to order.

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Wood-block printing first appeared in the early Tang period. During the Song dynasty, the technique of block printing was very1(advance). Books were beautifully printed. Even today the books printed at the time are valuable and treasured by libraries and book collectors.

However, block printing2(be) not very convenient. Every two pages of a book had to be carved on3wood block, and a big book would require many blocks. Besides, there had to be large places for storing the books.4(overcome) these shortcomings, Bi Sheng invented the movable type during the years between 1041 and 1048. One word was carved on one piece of clay,5was hardened with fire. Then clay characters6(set) on an iron plate according to the text of a book. Then ink was applied to them and7(sheet) of paper spread over them, and the printing was done. Bi Shengs invention made printing faster and easier than before. Later, movable type of metal and wood was made and8(wide) used.

The technique of printing was gradually known to other Asian countries and Europe. The great influence printing had9the advance of civilization is too clear to need any10(explain).

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Chinese teahouses are the traditional ancient cafes of the east for getting together and chatting with friends and generally1(pass) the time. The teahouse has become a place for people to not only drink tea and relax,2experience Chinese culture, hold social activities, host private parties and conduct business3(negotiate).

The teahouse recreates the character of old Beijing,4makes it a must for foreigners, who, from around the world, come to China5(appreciate) Beijing Opera, drama and other Beijing folk arts, as well as drink tea. Jasmine tea is the favorite of many old Beijingers, who love6(it) pure, clear taste and strong fragrance. Its7(definite) on the menu at the Lao She Teahouse.

Dawan tea is just as famous as the long-spouted (長壶嘴的) teapot. The Chinese name means “inexpensive tea in a big tea bowl” and it is another old Beijing teahouse specialty. It8(say) that the founder of Lao She Teahouse    9(start) his business by serving Dawan tea for just two cents each. And today its the only teahouse still serving Dawan tea10such a low price, though theres no profit in it.

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When Sandra was a child, her family was very poor, but she wanted  (bad) to believe that her poverty was just a temporary situation, so she looked toward stories  (escape). Her favorite book  (check) out of the library over and over again was called The Little House. Throughout Sandras life, she had to move between cities, never   (allow) her much time to get settled in one place. Her  (separate) from family drove her to bury herself in books. Though reading a lot, according to Sandra, she didnt really start writing  she attended her first creative writing class in college. She then realized that she needed to write what she knew, and  purpose she adopted a writing style opposite to that of her classmates. Admission to Loyola University  she earned a BA in English was a turning point for her. Sandras writing  (shape) by her experiences since then. She doesnt just make up  (character), but writes about real people that she has encountered.

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Many kinds of music can stir the imagination and produce strong feeling. For some people, romantic composers such as Chopin increase1(feel) of love and sympathy. Religious and spiritual music can help some people feel peace. But one musician seems to have2unique ability of healing the human body—Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Scientists3(find) Mozarts music to be remarkable in its ability4(calm) its listeners. It can also help them express5(they) more clearly.

Many amazing cases have been documented using Mozart as a healing aid. For example, a tiny baby6(name) Krissy, who weighed just 1.5 pounds at birth, was on total life support. Doctors thought she had little chance of survival. Her mother insisted7playing Mozart for Krissy, and thought it saved her daughters life. Krissy lived, but she was very small for her age and slower8the average child. At the age of four, she showed an interest in music and her parents gave her violin lessons.

To their9(astonish), Krissy was able to play musical pieces from memory that were far beyond the ability of an average four-year-old.10(play) music helped her improve in all areas of her life.

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Nowadays, time travel is just about everywhere you look, from films to TV shows and even literature.

However, that wasnt true just 150 years ago. The portal was opened by H. G. Wells novel. The Time Machine, which1(publish) in 1895. In this book, Wells describes a man who builds a machine that enables him2(move) throughout the course of history and into the future. The story is important because it approaches time as something3(flow).

Before this book came out, time was basically viewed4a one-way street. You could only go forward, and only at one speed. In this way, Wells5(create) account transformed the way people viewed time and time travel.

It was so successful6(large) because it came out at the end of 19th century when tremendous change was in the air. As the twentieth century dawned, people were becoming incredibly excited for the future. It was a period of huge technological as well as scientific7(grow) and, for the first time ever, people were living in a way that was dramatically different from8generation before them.

In other words, it was the first time that the past, future and present9(be) entirely different. This simple historical moment is10made time travel so fascinating.

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