Little Bear Sent for a Doctor

2006-09-21 09:34施佳瑜
阅读(中年级) 2006年9期

施佳瑜 陈 卉

施佳瑜陈卉/文晓 燕/注


Little Bears mother was ill, so he had to(1) send for a doctor. On his way, he thought,

“I didnt know Dr.(2) Giraffe(3) well. I should turn to (4) his good friend Woodpecker (5).”

In the forest(6), he saw Woodpecker and told him about it. But Woodpecker said,

“I am only Dr. Giraffes colleague(7), and I am not familiar(8) with him. Little Deer is his relative(9), and maybe he would help you.”

Then Little Bear came to Little Deers, and asked her to lend him a hand(10).But she said regretfully (11),

“Im sorry! I will go out, and the car is now waiting for me. So I am not able to help you. But I think Fox can help you, because he is clever and full of ideas(12).”

After Fox knew Little Bears intension(13), he blinked(14) his eyes and said, “You should buy some presents for Dr. Giraffe. And I will pass them to him for you(15). Then he will surely cure(16) your mother of her illness very soon.”

Little Bear took his advice(17) and bought some presents in a shop. When Fox received(18)the presents, he told him,

“Ok! You go back now, and the doctor will look in(19) your mother after a while(20).”

After Little Bear left, Fox laughed,

“Hey!I will enjoy these presents myself. Fool!”

A few minutes later, Little Bear got home. What did he see? Dr. Giraffe was giving his mother an injection(21). He went over and asked Dr. Giraffe happily, “Dr. Giraffe, have you received my presents so soon?”

“Presents? What presents?” Dr. Giraffe was very surprised.

He told Dr. Giraffe what had happened, then Little Bearunderstoodthat Fox had cheated(22) him.

“I am so stupid! I should ask you for help directly(23)!”

(1)have to 不得不(做某事)

(2)Dr.医生,doctor的缩写,这里的Dr. 是一种称呼。

(3)giraffe 长颈鹿

(4)turn to sb.向某人求助


(6)forest 森林


(8)be not familiar with sb.和某人不熟

(9)relative 亲戚(10)lend sb. a hand帮助某人

(11)regretfully 遗憾地

(12)full of ideas点子多

(13)intension 目的,意图

(14)原形blink, 眨眼睛

(15)pass sth. to sb.转交

(16)cure sb. of 治愈

(17)take ones advice 采纳某人的建议

(18)原形receive, 收到

(19)look in看望

(20)after a while过一会儿

(21)give an injection 打针

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